Note: If you are stuck in a course or you're having difficulty taking a course, please contact us and a representative will assist you. This article explains how to take courses, but does not troubleshoot if you're encountering issues inside of the course.

You can take a course once it has been added to your account. On My Courses click on Take Course.

There are a few sections on the course player that you will see.

  1. Course: The course that you are taking will appear here.
  2. Course Information Toggle: This button can be toggled to view or hide information about the course. 
  3. Full Screen: Toggle the course to be full screen.
  4. Course Information: Displays the course title, clock hours of the course, and possible CEUs that can be earned.
  5. Collection: If a course has multiple parts to it then you will see the various parts under Collection. You can change the course by clicking on the titles or on the Previous and Next buttons. 
  6. Notes: Take notes alongside the course. If you are taking a singular course this section will appear instead of Collection. See more about taking notes
  7. Actions: The Actions section offers a few options.
    1. Get Certificate: View the certificate you have earned once you have completed the course.
    2. Course Report: Check the progress of your course. 
    3. Give Feedback: Leave feedback on the course once you have completed the course.
    4. Help: Directs you to the Support Hub to provide additional help.