Your organization may request you to complete a credential.

A Credential is a training type that has two specific criteria that sets it apart:

  1. The learner must complete its requirements in a period of time. 
  2. The credential will expire and must be renewed to maintain.

Credentials will appear on your My Courses page. It will display how long you have to complete the credential before it expires.

When you launch your credential, you will see a variety of details.

  • Start Date: This is the date you can begin your credential. You cannot begin a credential before this date.
  • Due Date: You must complete all items in this credential before this date.
  • Expires In: This displays how much time exactly you have to complete the credential.

Your site's administrator may have left instructions for you to guide you through the credential.

The Fulfillment Tasks section lists all the training you must finish to complete the credential. 

Note: It is important to read the actual criteria. Your administrator may not require you to complete everything to earn a credential. Here are some examples of criteria you may need to fulfill.

  • Course 1 and Course 2
  • Course 1 or Course 2
  • (Course 1 and Course 2) or (Course 3 and Course 4)

Your administrator will establish this criteria themselves.

Taking a Course

If a course or learning path is assigned to you in a credential, you will have a button to Get Course. If you click on Get Course, it will open the course, which you can then add to your account and launch.

If you already have this course in your account, it may appear below the details of the course. You can then click on Launch to take this course, rather than adding another instance of the course to your account. 

Once you complete a training, the empty circle turns into a check mark to indicate that it's been completed. You can then view your Individual Report to see its individual status.

Submitting a Training Record

Your organization may also request you to submit training that you've completed. You can do so through Additional Training or Credential Documents.

There are some small differences between the two.

  • Additional Training is most often to submit individual courses that you have completed outside of the site.
  • Credential Documents is for non-training tasks, such as uploading a driver's license as a document. Common uses include submitting licenses, certifications, and credentials that you have completed.
    • It must have an Issue Date.
    • A document must be attached.
    • You can submit an End Date.

If you are still having difficulty deciding between the two, don't worry. Records submitted to either can be approved and count towards your credential. 

When you click on either button, it will take you to a page to submit your training. The Course Title and Label will be pre-filled so you are submitting the correct document.

Once submitted, it will alert the administrators of your site, who must then approve or decline your submission. If you are waiting for it to be approved, we suggest reaching out to your administrator, who can accept or decline it.

Once it's been approved, you will see a check mark on that item.


Once you've completed your credential, you will see more information in the Details pane.

  • Completed: This is the date and time you completed your credential.
  • Valid From: Displays the duration that this credential is valid.