You have the ability to take notes alongside any course in CollaborNation. 

To take notes, click on the arrow to expand the course bar. There you will find a notes section.

If you are taking a course collection (a course composed of multiple courses), you will need to click on the Notes tab to take notes.

There are three buttons in the Notes section.

  • Save: Clicking on the disk icon will manually save your notes. All notes are saved automatically when you click out of the Notes box.
  • Print: Clicking on the printer icon will bring up your browser's print screen. 
  • Email: Clicking on the email icon allows you to email your notes to yourself. Notes are emailed to the address your account is registered under.

Notes can also be accessed from the My Courses page by clicking on the Notes button for the course. 

You will always be able to view notes that you've entered, even if a course expires.