It's possible you have taken some type of training outside of this website, CollaborNation. If you would like to add any outside training records into your CollaborNation account, you can do so by going to Additional Training found in Learner Settings.

To submit your record you will need to complete the form on the page.

Course Title: The name of the course you completed.

Course Provider: The name of the organization that provided the training.

Category: The type of training used to teach the course. Options include:

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training: An instructor taught the course in-person.
  • Instructor-Led Online Training: An instructor taught the course online.
  • E-Learning Course: The course was entirely online.

Label: Like a category, but defined by the site. Labels may be used to group Additional Training items in Reporting, and for selection as an item within a Learning Path.

Clock Hours: The amount of time (in hours) it took to complete the course.

Description: A description of the course itself. This is optional.

Completion Date: The date you completed training for the course. This may also be the date you received your certificate.

Lesson Status: The status of your course. Options include:

  • Not Attempted
  • Passed
  • Completed
  • Incomplete
  • Not Attempted
  • Failed

See also our article about the difference between passed and completed.

Grade: The grade you received upon completing the course. This must be a number or letter, i.e. "90" or "B." This is optional.

Certificate: If you were awarded a certificate for successfully completing the course, provide a copy of it in PDF format, if available. This is optional.

When you submit your training record, your organizations administrators will automatically be alerted of your submission. Additional Training records must be approved by an administrator before it appears in your Transcript.

You also have the option to view the certificate uploaded or Delete the record under Full List of Training Records.