Welcome to the CypherWorx Support Hub! This is the place to find official information on how to use CollaborNation in your training program.

Launching a training initiative for a large organization can be difficult, but don't worry! We specialize in this every day, and we'll be providing all the tools and instructions to get your organization up and running with our training platform. 

The Support Hub is full of articles and guides to walk through how to set up and run your training platform. We suggest at least skimming through the articles to understand what capabilities are available for you.

This article is a single page overview of the onboarding process, and where to start once your site has been created. Links have been provided within the article for step-by-step details.

Step 1. Site creation

CypherWorx will create the site for you. We will:

  • Create your organization’s site
  • Brand your site with your company’s logo and colors.
  • Add course catalogs.
  • Give you administrative access.

Step 2. Customize your site

Once you have access, the site is yours. You can customize your site however you would like to meet your training needs.

Step 3. Integration (Optional)

Integrations involve connecting one of your systems directly with CollaborNation so that the systems are communicating directly.

Integrations include:

There are numerous benefits to integrating, including:

  • Having all learner data stored in one system
  • Have accounts be created and updating automatically 
  • Simplify the log in process for your learners

Integrating isn't meant for all organizations, so if your organization has no plans on integrating you can skip this step. It typically involves having a technical employee on your side to connect your system with CollaborNation. You would be assigned a representative from CypherWorx to assist and troubleshoot. 

If you do plan on integrating, we recommend tackling it earlier than later since some integrations take longer than others. The duration to integrate varies based on its complexity, but most integrations are completed in a few weeks.

Integrations can be completed after your site has launched, but depending on your organization's requirements may require changing your site's configurations.

If you are interested in integrating, please contact us.

Step 3. Set up your training

As an admin, you have the ability to create your own training and personalize the training experience for your learners. If you plan on creating your own training, we suggest starting this earlier as it may take time to gather your curriculum.

Training can be set up in different ways.

  • Create-A-Course: Upload a PowerPoint, PDF, or video to create your own training course.
  • Learning Paths: Create a sequence of courses that allows learners to master a topic in steps.
  • Assessments: Help uncover learning needs and gaps, then develop training plans based on those results.
  • Custom certificates: Upon completion of a course, award learners with an organization-branded certificate. If one isn't created, learners will earn the default certificate.

Training can be created and assigned at any point.

Step 4. Set up Reporting Groups

Reporting Groups are groupings of people in which reports can be run. It's a flexible way to encapsulate and group individuals in different ways. Reporting Groups are often used for grouping:

  • Departments in an organization (Human Resources, Accounting).
  • Job Title (sales, marketing).
  • Locations of an organization (New York, Florida, California, England, Japan).
  • Pay type (salary, hourly).

Setting up Reporting Groups could make it easier to run training programs and administer your site.

Reporting Groups can be set up at any point. We recommend creating them early if possible as it can make administering learners simpler. 

If you use File Transfer then you can skip this section as it can be handled for you automatically.

Step 5. Add Learners

CollaborNation offers many ways to add learners to your site to best suit your organization.

You can also disable self-registration so learners can only be added by administrators.

Accounts can also be created dynamically by integrating with us.

  • API: Create accounts, assign courses, pull reports into your system, have single sign-on capability, and more.
  • File Transfer: Send a CSV file of your employees and they will be created automatically in CollaborNation.
  • Single sign-on: Connect via SAML 2.0 so your learners don't need to remember another login credential.

Step 6. Assign Training

Now that your site has training and learners, you can assign training to your learners.

Step 7. Transfer Historical Training Records (Optional)

It can be helpful to have all training records for your employees in one system. This gives you the ability to run comprehensive reports on your learners' entire training history. Importing historical records can be done with Additional Training.

Step 8. Launch!

You've put in a lot of hard work! You can now officially launch and offer training for the bettering of your employees. If you need any help or assistance, or if we're missing any information that would be helpful for you, please don't hesitate to contact us!